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Falls Fresh Microfarm brings tiny produce to local restaurants

He started growing microgreens as a “side hustle” but now sells his tiny produce to a growing number of area restaurants.

4 months ago

Entrepreneurs, industry leaders can get connected at biotech summit

Whether you’re starting a biotech business, growing one or looking to get connected to this cutting-edge industry, an event next month is for you.

4 months ago

New approach being used to sharpen cognitive skills

It’s hard to believe, but true: There’s a newly proven method to sharpen your attention, awareness and other cognitive abilities in a way that will help you at work and in your daily life. Students at DSU are finding out about it firsthand.

4 months ago

Biotech business ranks among nation’s fastest-growing companies

From an under-the-radar headquarters in western Sioux Falls, this biotech company has become one of the fastest-growing businesses in the country.

5 months ago

Leaving the nest: Small businesses move from Zeal to their own offices

Graduation day has arrived for two small businesses that incubated their companies at the Zeal Center for Entrepreneurship.

5 months ago

Embracing risk management: What to consider when starting a business

Get connected with South Dakota’s growing biotech industry while learning critical skills about a function key to all businesses: risk management.

5 months ago

Co-working space for women launches crowdfunding campaign

A new concept called The Kitchen aims to create a shared office space for women offering unique features such as child care.

5 months ago

Perfect match: Biology and business major helps support biotech association

She’s generated industry data for state leaders, built relationships with biotech businesses and helped represent South Dakota at an international bioscience event. And she’s still in college. Meet the young women already making a big impact on the biotech industry.

5 months ago

Madison Cyber Labs at DSU launches research partnership around energy management

Smart home technology is more than convenient — using devices to control everything from your dishwasher to your dryer also can be energy efficient. Take a look at how DSU is helping make it a (secure) reality.

6 months ago

Avera researcher named to federal research advisory council

An Avera researcher has become the first South Dakotan to be named to a board that works to advise the federal government on research regulations and topics associated with the protection of human subjects.

6 months ago

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