Sanford Sports Complex adding gymnastics center

Power & Grace Gymnastics has filed an application with the city to build a training center in northwest Sioux Falls.

2 years ago

Restaurant, hotel near Elmwood start hiring

The restaurant and hotel under construction adjacent to Elmwood Golf Course will open a couple months apart, but both have started hiring.

2 years ago

Meta moves forward on plans for campus, hiring

Meta Financial Group plans to hire up to 80 people this fiscal year, which started Oct. 1.

2 years ago

Large residential lots near Lake Alvin target high-end market

A new development near Lake Alvin will offer large lots for upscale homes

2 years ago

Here’s what’s next for massive biotech project

A biotech campus that could include 10 buildings, more than 100,000 square feet and 400 animals will open its first phase next spring.

2 years ago

Mixed-use building planned for Fourth & Minnesota

Developers are planning to build a two-story mixed-use building on the southwest corner of Minnesota Avenue and Fourth Street.

2 years ago

Two law firms help fill downtown office building

Equity Square has filled its entire fourth floor and most of the third with a combination of professional offices, including Cutler Law Firm, which is taking the whole top floor.

2 years ago

Historical ‘toys’ returning to Arnolds Park as medical firm buys Boji Bay

A growing Iowa medical staffing firm is buying Boji Bay Fun House & Event Center in Milford, Iowa.

2 years ago

Made to last: Places take on greater meaning as they evolve with the community

These forward-thinking original designs were meant to last and have evolved with their owners’ changing needs.

2 years ago

New Uptown development, The Cascade, starts demolition

The newest addition to downtown Sioux Falls will be called The Cascade and will bring what developers call a “modern lifestyle community” to the Uptown area.

2 years ago

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