Shortage or not, Sioux Falls is stocked with toilet paper

May 1, 2020

It’s clearly not the most crucial question to ask during COVID-19, but given the big demand for toilet paper as the pandemic unfolded, we wanted to know if Sioux Falls residents felt they had enough.

Overwhelmingly, they’re in good shape.

Nearly 900 readers shared insight into how they’re working, living, entertaining and coping during COVID-19 in an open survey conducted by SiouxFalls.Business in partnership with the Augustana Research Institute.

Sioux Falls Confronts COVID-19 was taken from April 6-12. It is not a scientific survey, but it does include representation from all age groups. Respondents were about 70 percent female and 30 percent male.

Eighty-nine percent of respondents said they have enough toilet paper.

But what does “enough” mean?

That depends on who you ask. When we asked our respondents to share their stockpile along with the size of their household, the answers ranged from three rolls for three people to 66 rolls for one person.

“You need to buy it when you see it,” the latter respondent said. “Because when you need it, there may not be any. I will be good six months from now!”

One person said he or she had two rolls for a one-person household.

“People went to extremes with TP,” the person said. “Not necessary.”

Another had six rolls left for five people in the household.

“Toilet paper is the least of my worries through all of this,” the person said. “Health and a job are top priority.”

Another respondent reported 12 rolls for four people.

“Every time I go to the store, they’re out,” the person said. “I’m starting to get nervous.”

Others pointed to Amazon subscriptions for helping them stay stocked. One respondent reported sending excess toilet paper to a son in the Twin Cities who couldn’t find any.

Another respondent said the stock was “sufficient for two, as we have had bidet for years.”

Then there’s this person, who subscribes to a service called “Who Gives a Crap” – we checked, it’s a real thing – and has more than 60 rolls in stock, with 48 rolls delivered quarterly.

“I had intended to pause my subscription but decided to go ahead with delivery,” the person said. “I’ve been sharing rolls and am planning May baskets involving TP!”

Thanks to all who participated in the survey. To view the complete responses, click below.

Survey results: Sioux Falls residents weigh in on life during COVID-19


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Shortage or not, Sioux Falls is stocked with toilet paper

It flew off the shelves as COVID-19 ramped up, so we wondered: Do Sioux Falls residents now feel they have enough toilet paper? And what exactly is “enough?”

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