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Great Plains Zoo opens Australia exhibit

Kangaroos, emus and other creatures native to Australia are ready to greet visitors to the latest exhibit at the Great Plains Zoo.

4 days ago

Nyberg’s Ace adds downtown kayak, bike rentals

Downtown residents and visitors can now rent a kayak or a bike at Nyberg’s Ace Hardware.

4 days ago

HealthSource to move to standalone location

A growing chiropractic clinic is moving to a new standalone building.

4 days ago

Entrepreneur aims for grocery shelves with new line of peanut butters

Since launching earlier this year, Fokken Nuts is expanding its line of peanut butters and using an adorable 2-year-old ambassador.

4 days ago

Shredding 101: Individuals, businesses should destroy documents to stay safe

Not all identity thieves work online. Some still target victims the old-fashioned way, digging through trash for documents with information that can be used against them. Here’s how to protect yourself and your business.

4 days ago

Year-round E15 sales stand to bring long-term benefits to S.D. consumers, ag economy

“It’s a win-win-win. It’s a win for consumers. Ethanol’s been proven to be better for the environment. It’s a win for the farmer because it creates more demand for our product when it comes time to take it to market.” E15 is now here all year. Here’s what it means to you and the local economy.

5 days ago

Uber launches in Sioux Falls

Ride-sharing service Uber has launched in South Dakota.

5 days ago

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