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Jodi’s Journal: The boomers are quitting. Will you hire them?

Many top performers are deciding to quit their jobs. But are businesses positioned to capitalize?

2 years ago

Jodi’s Journal: The Facebook challenge – from my business to yours

When your business relies on Facebook, prepare to practice hitting a moving target.

2 years ago

Jodi’s Journal: Taxes, young professionals and quantum computing

It took awhile, but I finally figured out why this idea for a message was cohesive and not the catch-all that my headline might indicate: Because everything I’ve encountered lately that seemed to fit somehow together really is about the future.

2 years ago

Jodi’s Journal: In Raven, a case for committing to long-term vision

From a mass layoff to a $5 million donation, it’s what happened in between that really sets Raven Industries apart.

2 years ago

Jodi’s Journal: 2018 calls for a new kind of leader

Leadership in 2018 requires a constantly evolving set of skills — most especially, the ability to learn.

2 years ago

Jodi’s Journal: A convenience culture comes with a cost

Many industries are laser-focused on adding convenience for the customer. But might it all be coming at a cost?

2 years ago

Jodi’s Journal: The ups and downs of downtown

A down holiday season in 2016 led to a year that wasn’t great for downtown retailers, so this holiday season is critical.

2 years ago

Jodi’s Journal: Who’s the new face of Zeal?

There’s a rare opportunity to help lead entrepreneurship in Sioux Falls, and it’s key to find the right candidate.

2 years ago

Jodi’s Journal: The ‘Lyft’ Sioux Falls needed

Lyft will bring economic opportunity to Sioux Falls and South Dakota even as it equalizes us with every other metropolitan area that offers the service.

2 years ago

Jodi’s Journal: What’s the story behind the hiring horror stories?

A perfect storm in retail is resulting in extreme hiring struggles.

2 years ago

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