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Jodi’s Journal: The teachers who shaped me the most

This back-to-school season, remember the teachers who influenced you the most. It might help elevate the profession as a whole.

10 months ago

Jodi’s Journal: Baseball, baby boomers and what downtown really needs

Attracting younger demographics downtown is going to require thinking differently.

11 months ago

Jodi’s Journal: Tweeting CEOs and digital dementia

Too much time on social media can create serious implications for businesses, the leaders who use the platforms and anyone else.

11 months ago

Jodi’s Journal: If you’re a leader during the workweek, lead on Sunday too

There is a distinct divide in America between those who attend religious services and those who don’t. But if you’re a business leader, consider publicly practicing your faith.

12 months ago

Jodi’s Journal: From 1912 to today, downtown vision stays alive

An image of downtown Sioux Falls more than a century ago proves timely as new developments are planned.

12 months ago

Jodi’s Journal: Time management at the top offers insight for others

Feel overwhelmed with duties as a business leader? A look at how these CEOs spend their time might help.

1 year ago

Jodi’s Journal: The media world that is, was and should be

As the media industry faces challenges, these core beliefs should hold true.

1 year ago

Jodi’s Journal: Tackle industry change with outside-in approach

Navigating change in industry requires looking at your business from the outside in.

1 year ago

Jodi’s Journal: Businesses rally around burn victim, show accident’s larger story

When a horrible accident struck a Sioux Falls construction site, businesses came together to help a family.

1 year ago

Jodi’s Journal: Changing retail world holds opportunity for those who can adapt

Retail still presents a lot of opportunity for places like Sioux Falls. Here’s a look at some emerging concepts that could be adapted here.

1 year ago

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