New PODS manager thrives on helping customers

Nov. 20, 2019

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On any given day, Josh Koch might be helping a family in between selling a house and moving into a new one.

He might be helping victims of storm damage store their belongings during a big cleanup.

He might be helping a homeowner in the middle of a remodeling project who needs a place to keep possessions during the work.

The overriding theme, though, is what drew Koch to his new role as market manager of PODS Sioux Falls: It’s meaningful work.

“It’s really enjoyable,” the Sioux Falls native said. “I like dealing with people, and there’s so much in this job where you have to adapt and make things happen. People are so grateful for the help, and it’s really rewarding.”

Koch comes to PODS after two decades with TJN Enterprises in Sioux Falls, where he worked in container pickup and delivery.

“The parallels are similar, but I had reached my potential in my prior role, even though I enjoyed what I was doing,” he said. “It would have really taken the right job for me to go, but when I saw an ad for PODS, everything clicked and fell into line. So I made the leap.”

Koch has proved to be the perfect fit to manage daily operations, said Aaron Canfield, who brought the business to Sioux Falls in 2006.

“He has great logistical, customer service and management experience. He’s also very knowledgeable in maintaining and fixing equipment,” Canfield said.

Koch also is tasked with retaining and growing the PODS customer base.

“He’s extremely hard-working, and he really gets it. He gets what it takes to operate a small business while taking care of our customers,” Canfield said. “I could not be happier that he is part of the team.”

Neither could Koch.

“They’re really enjoyable people to work for. Aaron encourages me all the time, and it’s just nice to hear. Little things like that go a long way,” Koch said. “And I feel proud of myself for stepping into this role and running with it.”

He’s definitely running with it. October, which generally is a slower time, was the second busiest month this year for PODS Sioux Falls.

“We’re really cooking along,” Koch said. “I really like the customer interaction. I like being able to fix a problem if it arises. A lot of people don’t fully understand what to expect – and we help them along the way. We had one delivery recently that involved a downtown alley, but we got it done.”

He was surprised to learn all the uses for a PODS brand container, from those that never leave a customer’s driveway while they remodel to others that sit in secure storage for months during a move.

“The whole concept is unbelievable,” he said. “I love it. I absolutely love it.”

To learn more about how to put PODS to work for your moving and storage needs, call 605-274-8151 or click here to get a quote and book online.

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New PODS manager thrives on helping customers

“People are so grateful for the help, and it’s really rewarding.” After two decades, he changed jobs and found a role he loves. Meet the new market manager for PODS Sioux Falls.

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