Got a road trip planned? You’ve never experienced a ride like this

June 19, 2019

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When it comes to the classic family road trip, technology is your friend.

If you’re one of the millions packing up the car and heading out for a drive this summer, you should take a trip first to Luxury Auto Mall, where we discovered tons of new features guaranteed to make the journey more enjoyable for all.

Take the trip in one of these state-of-the-art vehicles, and we promise you’ll never hear those dreaded words: “Are we there yet?”

Prepping for the road

Before you even head out on the road, BMW gets you ready to go.

The manufacturer’s app allows you to plan the trip’s route on your smartphone, and when you start the car, it’s loaded into your navigation and ready to go.

“And on top of that, through the Connected Drive app on your smartphone, you now can remotely start your BMW with several of our vehicles,” said Tyson Elder, BMW sales manager.

“It’s been a long-requested feature that our drivers are really enjoying.”

Driver’s view

Step inside your luxury vehicle, and all manufacturers at Luxury Auto Mall deliver a first-class, customizable experience.

BMW’s newest driver’s instrument cluster is fully digital, with speed on your left, a navigation app inside and a customizable right-hand panel that allows you to access information such as gas mileage, your current radio station and turn-by-turn directions.

“Voice controls have long been a fight between user and car,” Elder said. “It’s been developed enough now where you truly can say, ‘Hey BMW, take me to Starbucks.’ And you’re off for coffee.”

And with Cadillac’s state-of-the-art Night Vision, driving after hours has never been easier.

“If you’re driving at night, it will point out animals,” sales consultant Brendin Weiland said. “It puts a virtual box around them, so it’s a nice safety feature to have.”

Entertainment for all

Those childhood memories of endless hours to pass while on the road or of siblings bickering over in-car entertainment are a thing of the past in the latest luxury vehicles.

Weiland calls the Cadillac Escalade “the perfect road trip vehicle.”

“There’s plenty of space for the family and for the cargo,” he said.

“In the Escalade, you have up to four DVD players available, so if you have several kids, they can watch up to three videos at a time to keep them from arguing. And you can wirelessly stream whatever is on your phone screen up to the video screen, so you can easily watch Hulu or Netflix.”

BMW offers a similar rear entertainment option with the ability for passengers to access different programming and stream content.

“You can have a client on one side looking at something on a screen, and you can have kids watching different movies or shows,” Elder said.

“And if someone is searching in the back online for a restaurant that’s close, that person can push the information up to the driver. All our cars also have WiFi hot spots, so you can use your car’s internet instead of your data plan through a subscription.”

Concierge service

Self-service and technology sometimes can take you only so far.

And when you need a real person to assist out on the road, Luxury’s vehicles can connect you with concierge services to address many of your needs.

“A lot of our cars offer concierge service to help book your hotel room or make dining reservations,” Elder said.

“Or if you’re truly lost, you can hit a button and talk to a live person 24 hours a day.”

Forget something? Here’s the Key

We’ve all been there: in an unfamiliar city and missing something essential with no desire to find the nearest drugstore or big-box retailer.

Well, if you’re driving a Cadillac, Amazon Key is at your service.

“Amazon can deliver packages to your car wherever it’s parked,” Weiland explained.

“You allow access to Amazon, and they put the package inside and lock it back up. And they’ve got one-day delivery, so you can get things pretty quick.”

Who needs to drive? There’s Super Cruise for that

If your version of the dream road trip is one that barely requires driving, the latest Cadillac innovation is about to become your game-changer.

The new CT6 is the first Cadillac to offer Super Cruise, which takes over interstate driving for the driver with the touch of a button.

“That really lets the driver relax a little bit,” said Weiland, who has tried it.

“It works great. It drives better than I do. It won’t change lanes, but it keeps you perfectly centered in your lane, and as long as you’re paying attention to the road, it’s going to handle the rest.”

A camera watches the driver’s alertness, and as long as it detects the driver is paying attention, it will take over driving. Super Cruise is coming on 2020 models across the Cadillac lineup.

Ready to make your next road trip the most carefree yet? Stop in at Luxury Auto Mall or click here to browse state-of-the-art vehicles in stock today.

Got a road trip planned? You’ve never experienced a ride like this

When it comes to the classic family road trip, technology is your friend. We couldn’t believe all the latest and greatest features available to road trippers this summer. Take a look before you hit the road.

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