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Sanford Imagenetics offers personalized medicine through pharmacogenetics

A fast, simple blood test can provide guidance to Sanford Imagenetics physicians using your genetic information to define the best therapy and correct dosage for your body and illness.

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Comings & Goings

Here’s a roundup of recent changes in the Sioux Falls-area business landscape.

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Inside Imagenetics, ‘it’s preventative medicine on steroids’

“This has not been done, and that’s why the Imagenetics team is attracting people from around the world.”

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Cryo, light therapy business opening soon

A business offering cryo and light therapy is coming to Sioux Falls.

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Independent pharmacy plans to treat customers like family

An independent pharmacy with a mission of offering “small-town” service opens Monday at 10th Street and Cliff Avenue.

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Health coverage for small businesses: Look for affordability, stability

Small-business owners have more options for offering health insurance than they might think.

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Pharmacy carves niche with customized prescriptions

Compounding prescriptions – mixing individual ingredients in the exact strength and dosage form required by the patient – used to be fairly common in pharmacies. The growth of mass production in medications has made it nearly a lost art — but not for one growing Sioux Falls business.

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Designing for tiniest patients leads to industry honor, innovative gift

When Avera McKennan renovated its neonatal intensive care unit, the experience of hundreds of families and their babies changed dramatically. It’s about to do so again.

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Friends find fitness success through GreatLIFE

Two friends credit a six-week GreatLIFE program for helping them drop pounds and get fit.

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Millennials: The ‘wellness generation’

With the exception of family, millennials value health the most. For them, wellness is an active, daily pursuit. Here’s what that means for your business.

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