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Smithfield plans to contest OSHA citation, calling it ‘wholly without merit’

Smithfield Foods plans to contest a citation from OSHA that claims it failed to protect employees from COVID-19.

1 week ago

Smithfield cited for failing to protect employees from COVID-19

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration has cited Smithfield Foods in Sioux Falls for failing to protect employees from COVID-19.

1 week ago

Smithfield planning to continue COVID screenings in new buildings

Smithfield Foods is spending at least $200,000 on two new buildings to allow space to screen employees for COVID-19.

2 weeks ago

Smithfield earnings show $350M spent on COVID-related costs

Smithfield Foods Inc. spent $350 million on COVID-19-related expenses in the second quarter, causing its operating results to swing to a loss.

1 month ago

Jodi’s Journal: Saying thanks at Smithfield is a start toward building community

We kept it low-key but it seemed to speak volumes — saying a simple “thank you” to the employees of Smithfield.

4 months ago

Smithfield resumes operations in Sioux Falls, details plans for scaling up

Smithfield is ramping up operations at its Sioux Falls plant. Here’s a look at some of the changes workers will find when they begin going back to their jobs.

4 months ago

CDC report on Smithfield details COVID-19 mitigation efforts, recommendations

A 15-page report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention acknowledged there were precautions taken at Smithfield Foods in Sioux Falls to limit the spread of COVID-19 but detailed many additional recommendations to improve the approach before the plant reopens.

5 months ago

Smithfield to close Sioux Falls plant indefinitely

Smithfield Foods, Inc. will keep its Sioux Falls facility closed until further notice

5 months ago

State to declare emergency in Minnehaha County with 190 COVID cases from Smithfield hot spot

The South Dakota secretary of health will declare a public health emergency in Minnehaha County today after 190 people tested positive for COVID-19 following exposure at Smithfield in Sioux Falls.

5 months ago

Smithfield to close Sioux Falls plant for three days

Smithfield will close its Sioux Falls plant for about three days following more than 80 positive COVID-19 tests among employees.

5 months ago

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