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As fiber network expands, SDN takes special precautions to ensure it delivers

There are about 150 projects on Jerry Andersen’s to-do list. But it’s how he and his team accomplish them that helps set SDN Communications apart.

3 days ago

People You Should Know

Here’s a look at this week’s People You Should Know.

1 week ago

SDN celebrates 30 years of connecting people, businesses across state

SDN Communications is celebrating 30 successful years of business in the Sioux Falls region with a pledge that the company’s fiber footprint will keep getting bigger and better.

3 weeks ago

World-class internet coming to another part of S.D.: Beresford

“This is really a game changer for us.” Here’s some exciting news for Beresford, which is about to get high-speed internet thanks to a big investment.

1 month ago

Database developer

1 month ago

Wi-Fi trailer will stand out in the crowd at Avera Race, other community events

Big events like the Avera Race Against Cancer aren’t quite as enjoyable if you can’t connect with others. This new addition at SDN Communications will keep you covered.

2 months ago

Senior software engineer

2 months ago

Mentorship program helps new employees connect faster

We’ve all been the new employee at the office, and it’s not easy. But at SDN Communications, there’s a wonderful way new hires get connected to others and to the company.

2 months ago

Wonder how hackers use your personal data? See for yourself at the Sioux Falls Cybersecurity Conference

Think your firewall means you’re safe from cybercriminal activity? A speaker coming to Sioux Falls as part of this conference says think again.

3 months ago

Computer immersion program teaches kids to think critically

“The more we learn, the more we can build better and better robots to help us drive cars, explore space, do very detailed surgery and many other tasks unimaginable to our parents and our parents’ parents.” That’s a fifth-grader explaining why this program is so important. Doesn’t that make you want to learn more?

4 months ago

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