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Race to connect businesses is only one project for busy drilling contractor

When the reporter called to interview him, he took the call from the bottom of a 20-foot hole at a construction site. And that’s just the start of how this contractor does what it takes to get the job done.

2 weeks ago

Pandemic ‘has been a game-changer’ for Avera eCARE’s telehealth center

“The pandemic has been a game-changer for telehealth and Avera eCARE.” As demand for services has skyrocketed, “the genie is out of the bottle.”

1 month ago

Want a degree with 100 percent job placement? Enroll here today

Not only are you pretty much guaranteed to get a job with a new Wi-Fi and broadband technology degree, but the school offering it has more interest from employers than it has students.

2 months ago

SDN to make $4 million in broadband expansion thanks to new federal funding

SDN Communications will be starting $4.4 million in improvements to provide broadband service in unserved and underserved communities thanks to new USDA funding.

2 months ago

Old phishing threats are new again, so keep your guard up

Figures: COVID-19 means a greater chance your computer or network could end up with a virus too. Here’s how to stay ahead of the hackers.

3 months ago

Are your employees working from home? Make sure your networks can handle it

When businesses moved to work from home, SDN stepped up to help make sure their networks could handle the surge.

4 months ago

SDN Communications announces promotions: VanDewater, Dutton take on new responsibilities

SDN Communications is growing its leadership internally and has promoted two experienced telecommunications employees.

4 months ago

Alliance serves growing Brandon community from new office complex

Alliance Communications can add land development to its list of successful accomplishments.

5 months ago

Corporate chaplain service brings sense of peace to employees’ work, life stressors

“Stress is a reality in work. I’m here to be a resource for employees any way they need it.” Could your business benefit from a chaplain? At this workplace, “it’s been a blessing.”

5 months ago

Conquering a digital divide: Broadband from Hutterite colonies to housing developments

If you think places like Hutterite colonies shun technology, think again: They depend on Internet connectivity for economic survival, and thanks to providers like this — they’re getting it.

6 months ago

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