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Genetic counseling: Two new grads make it a career

A few years ago, Sanford Health and Augustana University teamed up to address the need for genetic counselors. Here’s what happened.

3 weeks ago

The genetics of height — and why it matters for everyone

Many factors affect how tall we become, including genetics. Height, dwarfism and ethics come together as genetics advances, creating unique questions. Learn more at a seminar next week.

8 months ago

Lab genetic counselors play critical behind-the-scenes role

Bringing genetics into primary medicine will mean big changes for your care — and more jobs for people like the woman you’re about to meet.

2 years ago

Sanford Imagenetics offers personalized medicine through pharmacogenetics

A fast, simple blood test can provide guidance to Sanford Imagenetics physicians using your genetic information to define the best therapy and correct dosage for your body and illness.

2 years ago

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