Medical staffing firm to expand into Lake Lorraine office

June 25, 2018

A Florida-based medical staffing firm is finding enough success in Sioux Falls that it’s growing into a new office at Lake Lorraine.

Advanced Inc. brought its travel therapy division to Sioux Falls in 2016, led by Amy Barnes. The Sioux Falls native was working in the company’s Florida office as a recruiter.

“They wanted a Midwest office, and I said the only place I’d go to was Sioux Falls, and they said, ‘Where?’ and I said to just check it out, and the next day they said Sioux Falls it is,” said Barnes, vice president of sales and a University of Sioux Falls graduate.

Advanced hires traveling health care workers to fill temporary needs in nursing and therapy for health systems. There are more than 1,100 people currently on assignment nationwide.

“We require tough reference checks, so that’s the biggest hurdle, but with the millennial population growing into these professions, they’re looking for freelance flexibility with full-time stability. It’s having your cake and eating it too, but travel offers that,” Barnes said. “Especially for young professionals coming out of school, we’re able to offer something they’re absolutely looking for plus day-one health benefits, 401(k) contributions and long-term benefits.”

The new space at Lake Lorraine is in an office building shared by Van Buskirk Cos. and Sola Salon Studios.

“We love the floor-to-ceiling windows,” Barnes said. “It’s very reminiscent of our Florida office, believe it or not. Everything is almost a mirror image, and they’re both on a lake with a walking path, so it felt right.”

There are 20 people on staff with space to possibly double. The hope is to move into the new office in August.

“We have four recruiters who have been here 21 months, and they are the best example of what Advanced is all about,” Barnes said. “And because of those individuals, we’re attracting the same type of employees. Sioux Falls doesn’t have a lot of positions like this with uncapped income potential, and the work ethic of the Midwest and of Sioux Falls has contributed to early and great success for recruiters right out of the gate.”

The office environment for recruiters is appealing too, she added.

Advanced has made lists of “best places to work” in several of its states. Sioux Falls joined cities such as Daytona Beach, Fla.; Portland, Ore.; and Denver as an office location.

“Company culture matters,” Barnes said, adding the new office will include a pingpong table and putting green.

“You work hard, play hard and you provide for your family.”

An Advanced office tradition – the Friday beverage cart – even made it into Jay Leno’s monologue several years ago after a news story on it went viral.

“If you’ve had a killer week and we’re really performing, we allow people to have a beverage of their choice at the end of the day and cut out early,” Barnes said. “I prefer ice cream sundae Fridays. We’re always changing it up. We’ll have theme days like pajamas day.”

The team has pulled together for more serious reasons, too.

When co-worker Tessa Jacobs was killed in a hit-and-run this spring, her team rallied around each other and her family, Barnes said.

“Her desk has become a memorial to her,” she said. “I hope no office ever has to experience that, but everyone was there for each other. It’s definitely been tough, but we’re strong because of it, and we’ll definitely have something in the new space in her honor.”

Advanced is “always looking for great talent,” she added. To learn more about opportunities, click here.

“It’s such a cool testament to Sioux Falls that we’re among (offices in) Denver and Portland and Sacramento, and we’re holding our own,” she said. “We’re on the map in the staffing world when it comes to how well we’re performing. Sioux Falls isn’t a small town at all. It’s definitely a player when it comes to talent, and the work ethic is second to none.”


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Medical staffing firm to expand into Lake Lorraine office

A Florida-based medical staffing firm is finding enough success in Sioux Falls that it’s growing into a new office at Lake Lorraine.

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