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Sanford partners to offer athletic care at MNSU

Sanford Health has a new sports medicine partnership with Minnesota State University.

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Genetic testing process: From blood sample to digitized DNA

First thing to know about the Sanford Chip: It isn’t an actual physical chip. Instead, it’s a cutting-edge way to use a genetic test to determine many approaches to your health care. Here’s how it all works.

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Profile hits big growth spurt with stores in 25 states

Sanford’s leaders envision Profile becoming a $1 billion business. If growth like this keeps up, it will be.

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Giving Back for January

Giving Back recognizes businesses and organizations that are helping our communities.

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NFL tight end endorses Sanford Health

Philadelphia Eagles tight end Dallas Goedert is the latest professional athlete to endorse Sanford Health.

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Sanford golf team builds relationships, shares news at PGA show

Sanford Health has attended the massive PGA Merchandise Show in Florida for years. “But this year is especially exciting given Sanford’s growing presence in the game.”

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Sanford to host World Scientific Congress of Golf

Golf Science has selected Sanford Health to host the 10th World Scientific Congress of Golf 2021 in Sioux Falls.

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Second chances: Employers find dedicated workers in those trying to rebuild their lives

“If I judged them on their past alone, I might be missing out on a great employee.” Hear from a number of employers who say prior offenders are helping fill their workforce needs.

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Manager, technology

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