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Jodi’s Journal: Tackle industry change with outside-in approach

Navigating change in industry requires looking at your business from the outside in.

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Jodi’s Journal: Businesses rally around burn victim, show accident’s larger story

When a horrible accident struck a Sioux Falls construction site, businesses came together to help a family.

3 weeks ago Views

Jodi’s Journal: Changing retail world holds opportunity for those who can adapt

Retail still presents a lot of opportunity for places like Sioux Falls. Here’s a look at some emerging concepts that could be adapted here.

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Jodi’s Journal: The truth about dying malls, Sioux Falls and the future of retail

It was only a few feet, but it represented a chasm in the world of retail.

1 month ago Views

Jodi’s Journal: Millennials, the mayor’s race and the matriarch

They came and they voted. What the mayoral election showed about millennials and what it means for your business.

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Jodi’s Journal: 10 reasons to be even more excited for spring

Spring will bring a lot of fun new businesses to visit. Here are 10 that give us even more reason to look forward to the season ahead.

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Jodi’s Journal: Setting expectations for new city leadership

Here’s an inside look at what you should expect from the next leader of Sioux Falls.

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Jodi’s Journal: Marking our first year in business

As SiouxFalls.Business marks its first year, we reflect on bringing locally owned news to Sioux Falls.

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Jodi’s Journal: The core issue for our next city leaders

Crime and regional leadership are key issues to address, but this should be the biggest priority of the next city administration.

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Jodi’s Journal: The next big issue no one is talking about

The next mayor of Sioux Falls must be a regional leader, collaborating with the growing communities all around us.

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