February #ScenesFromTheRoute

Working with Novak Sanitary Service, we trained their crews to use their camera phones to share what they encounter as they collect trash and recycling. Here’s what they spotted in February.

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Saving 10 percent for retirement? It might not be enough

You’ve probably heard it before: Put away 10 percent of before-tax income and invest that money for the future. This expert says the 10 percent rule is outdated and those who follow it won’t have the comfortable retirement they want.

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One decade after move, Sammons credits culture for ongoing growth

It has been 10 years since Sammons Financial moved from the well-known gold building downtown to a new office in southwest Sioux Falls. Here’s a look at what’s changed and how the company is positioning for its future.

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Tribal territories + technology: A S.D. reservation wired like none other

Native American reservations sit on some of the most beautiful but remote lands in South Dakota, so it might surprise you just how wired some reservations in the state are for internet.

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For city tourism, meetings mean business

Did you know Sioux Falls competes with places as large as Chicago to host organizations’ meetings? Next week, a team from the Sioux Falls Convention & Visitors Bureau will head to Illinois with the goal of landing more sought-after business.

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Four ways PODS Moving & Storage can save you time and money this moving season

You’ve seen them in driveways but likely know only part of what PODS can do for you.

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Longtime child care owners sell to trusted employee

Twenty years after they became accidental owners of a child care center, the brothers who own For the Love of Children have sold it to a longtime employee.

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Group Fitness 101 offered this weekend at GreatLIFE

Are you considering taking a group fitness class, but unsure what to expect? Check out Group Fitness 101.

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Three ways to tell when garbage service could be delayed – and why

It has been a tough winter on everyone — including your garbage collector. Here’s how to tell when your service might be delayed — and why.

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Still going: DirecTV, KTTW dispute nears one month

DirecTV subscribers are still waiting for Fox affiliate KTTW to come back on the air.

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