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Wealth planning primer: A case study with Tom, business owner and CEO

“No one knows this business like I do,” he’d repeat, “so how could I possibly walk away?” He was 52, built a successful business but wanted to spend more time with his family. Here’s how he got there.

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Bank CEO weighs in on local economy, business evolution

As a third-generation bank leader, CorTrust Bank president and CEO Jack Hopkins has his finger on the proverbial pulse of the area business community. We caught up with him to get the view from his CEO’s seat.

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Family woodworking business finds steady growth in second generation

“We knew nothing about business, but … we knew if you worked all the time you should get somewhere. And we worked a lot.” From working out of a garage to growing a regional business, enjoy the success story of Patzer Woodworking.

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High net worth? Estate plan is essential

Thanks to changes in tax law, a lot has changed in estate planning. If you’re a high-net-worth individual, this is a must-read.

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CEO reflects on career, mission of helping those with special needs

“My dream was to walk out the door when I was still loving it, and I just do.” She leads one of Sioux Falls’ largest employers and is retiring soon. We look back and ahead with the CEO of LifeScape.

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Employee noncompete agreements: Are they enforceable under S.D. law?

Noncompetes: What you wondered about and maybe didn’t want to ask.

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Fareway adds student loan benefit

Beginning next year, employees at Fareway Stores Inc. will be offered help paying down their student loans.

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Need some company swag? Your one-stop shop is here

From techy gadgets to classy accessories and everything in between, customizing corporate products is easy with this one-stop shop.

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Three MarTech trends to shape 2019

Remember 2011? Those were simpler times for digital marketing. But 2019 is bringing some valuable opportunities as marketing technology evolves — if you know how to harness them.

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Your intellectual property: How to identify and protect it

As doing business in our world becomes sophisticated, it is even more important to consider how a business can take steps to protect its intellectual property.

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