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Leading Sioux Falls’ newest billion-dollar company, CEO’s story blends family roots with futuristic thinking

Five years ago, Meta Financial Group was a $90 million company. It’s now $1 billion, and about to get bigger. Meet the leader helping guide the growth.

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Executive space: Three presidents invite us into their offices

One went classic, another modernized and a third opted for “urban eclectic.” Take a look inside three executive office redesigns.

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Does your business need a backup generator? ‘That’s the million-dollar question’

Yes, it’s an investment. But it also can be invaluable. Here’s how to decide whether your business should consider a backup generator.

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Tax reform and your business: What you need to know

The recently passed tax reform bill will have significant implications for individuals, small businesses, nonprofit organizations and corporations.

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Brown & Saenger bought by Minnesota firm

Longtime Sioux Falls office supply business Brown & Saenger has a new owner.

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Daugaard, Acosta announce partnership on licensing in Wall Street Journal article

In a jointly authored piece this week in The Wall Street Journal, Gov. Dennis Daugaard and U.S. Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta announced they’re working together to address excessive licensing.

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Meta to acquire Michigan commercial lender

Sioux Falls-based Meta Financial Group is acquiring a Michigan bank that will bring its assets to more than $6 billion.

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Sexual harassment: 5 steps to protect your employees, company

As demonstrated in recent months, no workplace or industry is immune from allegations of sexual harassment or misconduct. Here are five things you can do to protect your staff and your business.

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Learning for the future bolstered by innovation in design, furnishings

Designing space that promotes better learning: Here’s what it did for Augustana, and what it could even do for your workplace.

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DocuTap adds offices, executives

Sioux Falls-based DocuTap has hit another growth spurt. Here’s where the company is expanding.

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